CPR for Healthcare Providers Certification Class

What is this program about?

In this CPR for Healthcare Providers Certification Class you’ll learn how to perform CPR, how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and get Certified

What will you learn?

Healthcare Provider CPR certification course and training

The Healthcare Provider CPR class and training are incredibly fast paced. In a matter of 20 minutes you will have the training you need to perform CPR on someone in need. Many CPR classes may take months to complete before you receive the certification you need, but with our class you’ll be able to finish the course the same day you sign up.

The training course focuses on CPR, but it teaches you so much more than that. CPR is generally intended to help keep victims alive before they are able to acquire better medical assistance. In order to achieve the best results possible for the patient, you’ll want to do have a strong understanding of other important skills such as using a defibrillator. That’s exactly what you’ll get through the Healthcare Provider CPR course and training. The best part about this course is you can do the course online at any time you choose. We value convenience just as much as you do.

The topics covered in the course are arranged into seven modules, which cover the various topics you’ll need to understand in order to successfully perform CPR. You will learn about CPR performance on adults, children, and infants in order to understand how to properly handle each situation. After you’re done with learning CPR, the course will go into deeper detail regarding the use of automated external defibrillators in order to help you enhance your CPR skills.

CPR for Healthcare Providers Certification Class